December 12, 2013

Dine Like in the 50's Diner

Before we hit the road, I texted my travel buddies that we had to eat to 50's Diner because I love the food there. I was kinda worried because one of my buddies is a vegetarian and she might not want us to eat there. Good thing she agreed. It just took sometime before she finally decides what to eat when its time for us to order.   

Because Baguio was the favorite place of the American officials during the 20th Century, no doubt that you will see the their influence in architecture, landscape and food. Thus the signature American food such as burger, french fries and hotdogs are served in many restaurant. One of my favorite restaurant where I always eat whenever I am in Baguio is the 50's Diner. 

I ordered a sinfully Mixed Grilled which is composed of well done grilled beef, pork and chicken matched with side vegetable and french fries. For Php200 I indulge myself into a meaty night. The fries can be served as rice instead but I prefer to eat fries to have that American dinner effect.

My friend Eunice ordered a filet mignon served with rice, salad, soup and a drink. Her bill Php400 (?)

High School friends meets my blogger friends

The place is not called 50's Diner for nothing. Its set up has this nostalgic effect for the oldies and serves as the monument for the young ones like me. It has portraits of American and English artist who sprung on the 50's. 

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