December 05, 2018

VLOG#023 | Garin Farm + Iloilo City

Iloilo City is home to some of the best-served soup in the country. Apart from that, it has been an epicenter of Christianity not just in the country but in Asia. Join us as we taste the famous La Paz Batchoy before visiting Garin Pilgrimage Farm.

November 04, 2018

ILOILO | Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort

A touch of heaven on earth, at least for the time being. Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort allows us to see how heaven would look like, base on their point of view and how pop culture tells us, once our time on earth comes to an end. The resort complex, which is located in San Joaquin Iloilo, is a nice place to relax and meditate.

November 03, 2018

SOUTH COTABATO | Lake Sebu and the T’Boli

It was like a field of dreams while my eyes were wide open to the idea that I am still in my chosen reality. The bloom of the pink lotus seems like a promise of a magical experience beyond my imagination and comprehension, yet very simple to remember the feelings. Lake Sebu was on my radar for a long time. Before we even step foot on the place, a discouragement was meant to discount the idea of even proceeding with the plan. Mindanao was still and is still under martial law so to speak. But our hearts are bigger than the threats brought by insurgency, terrorism and community violence.

The quick weekend in Lake Sebu was a blissful memory packed by a joyous heart and a calm soul. 

My heart was joyful and celebrating because we did not encounter any mishap along the way. All that we encountered was a pool of locals (T’bolis) embracing tourism in the most hospitable way not overcharging everything. They are just happy that they earn from tourists visiting Lake Sebu. They will all smile when you greet them in the most genuine way. This trip reminds me of my solo visit to the Northern Town of Burma, Hsipaw, where everyone is just so nice and true.

Even though our visit was very short, it gave our soul a retreat.  If I will repeat the feeling again, I will beg to all gods to bring me back to Lake Sebu. By merely looking into its the vast calm lakes, my lids widen like a spotlight showing its rays. The light was on me when I caught the sound of the lakes - and the waterfalls, the moment its tiny current touched my feet or moved our boat, when the fresh air brought by the habal-habal affected my inner sense and when I grasp the warm hug of the locals through their genuine smile. It is not the best you can immagne but its calming – good for the soul.  

October 23, 2018

AirAsia Enhances Connectivity to China with the new Manila - Shenzhen Route!

AirAsia, the World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier, is expanding further into China with the introduction of its latest direct flights between Manila and Shenzhen starting 1 December 2018.

October 03, 2018

VLOG#017 | Davao City | Malagos Garden Resort and Lansones Harvesting in Calinan

Malagos Garden Resort is a vast farm-garden open to all. Aside from its sprawling space where you can relax, this relaxing garden has a chocolate museum, butterfly museum, bird feeding dome, hundreds of koi, orchids and tons of animals.
While on our way back to Davao City Downtown, we met a group of pastors buying mangosteen for their friends in Manila. I chat with them and they shared that they have a lot of lansones and durian tree in the backyard of their church in Calinan. They invited us to see those and they let us experience handpicking lansones for our own :)

September 29, 2018

VLOG#016 | Davao City Roxas Night Market and Black Ice Cream

Explore the safest night market in the south. Affordable and delicious food awaits us in Davao City Roxas Night Market!