August 17, 2017

Five Quick Escapade in Luzon This Long Weekend

Weekend is fast approaching and you haven't decided where to go. The best thing is its a long weekend! Here's a list of some of the places where I have been in Luzon that would best fit in your weekend or long weekend. I decided to list down places that would represent North, South, East, West and Central Luzon. Let me take to to these places for your next weekend DIY madness :)

1. Talisayen Cove, Zambales

If you value serenity this beach is for you. Talisayen is a haven for me. When we went to this side of Zambales, I choose Talisayen Cove because its less popular compared to Anawangin and Nagsasa but that also means its less crowded. I bet the sand and water is the same among the four coves in Pundaquit.

August 05, 2017

Top Spots to Visit in Antipolo City | #TayoNaSaAntipolo

When I was a teenager we regularly visit Antipolo City to catch up with our relatives who choose to live outside of Metro for a cooler climate and less pollution. What I like during those visit was passing by Sumulong Highway overlooking the foggy or cloudy Metro Manila. We will then stop by the road to buy suman (rice cakes) and kasuy (cashew nuts) on our way home.

For many, Antipolo is a resettlement or retirement city - with the existence of numerous villages and subdivisions - but this city has its hidden gems ready to be discovered by travelers all over the world. Antipolo offers its century old churches, farms, gardens, resorts, spas, restaurants, museums and many more to us. Truly, Antipolo is a hidden gem especially to those who lived in the nearby cities. This article aims to suggest the top spots to visit in Antipolo City. Kaya #TayoNaSaAntipolo!

July 29, 2017

Mount Purro Nature Reserve: A Quick Escape to a Rustic Life

When I switched on the TV, a news channel I always watch showed the headlines around the globe. It did not show any sign of relief to my already aching world. The unending fight between the Palestine and the Israelis, a train wreck in Spain, political crisis in Central America, the long and winding battle of the republican against “Obamacare” and the most disturbing of all is the news about my country, the government’s war on illegal drug is claiming life more than we can imagine – these are the things that we see today not only in TV but also in social media, our neighborhood, offices and even at home. In this world full of negative news and pessimist mind, we all need a break and breathing space to retreat from the world. 

Weeks ago, I was invited to check out a place in the outskirt of Antipolo City to provide a nature destination to the reader and followers of this humble blog. Mount Purro Nature Reserve is not that far from Metro Manila and it is a great place to commune with nature, yourself, to breath and to have a break from this crappy world of ours. That trip serves as a catalyst of the way I think about my travels and adventures.

Mount Purro Nature Reserve rustic setting provides an ambiance to talk to God and reflect about life. The trees, the hum of the birds, the fresh air and the smell of the forest is a great companion to savor life and to love the life that we have.

The path to rustic living
What I like about Mount Purro Nature Reserve, aside from it is located at the foot of Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, are the cottages made of native wood and dried anahaw leaves. It is my dream house at the foot of a mountain, along a stream and surrounded by tall fruit bearing trees. Sorry for my #TitosOfManila dream. Well who don’t dream of a retirement like that? Well at least now, I can experience it in Mount Purro Nature Reserve.

July 10, 2017

Kolkata in My Eyes

We landed in Kolkata past midnight in a familiar temperature with unfamiliar faces welcoming us with a smile. We’re staying in Kolkata for two nights just enough to cover some of the most important landmarks of the City. Courtesy of GoVoyagin, we toured the city with a local guide focusing on religious and historical places.

Touchdown Kolkata
I did not had any problems with immigration officers I encounter in my travels not even in Kolkata. It was a smooth process but not for my pal Claire. She did not had troubles with her documents as we meticulously prepared all the necessary papers before we left Manila. She had problem with the bio-metrics because the machine could not scan her fingers. The officer was holding her hand wiping her fingers with a wet cloth so it could be read by the machine. I was having a slow heart attack standing in front of her. But I had to show confidence and demeanor that everything was fine.

July 02, 2017

BATAAN: Reminiscing My Childhood Beach Memories in Playa La Caleta Waterfront Estate and the 1st PLC Beach Clean Up Drive

I was six years old when I celebrated my birthday in the beach somewhere North of Manila. The waves, the saltiness, the sea breeze, the seafood, lots of fruits and the scarcity of cold water are my memories of a beach family bonding. My cousins and I will never leave the shore till our moms and aunties calls us to eat for a while. Then we’ll catch the sunset while sitting on the sand, others plays with it. It will be followed by sleepless nights because we will talk all night under the stars. There’s no where we can sleep because our parents will rent only two small cottages for the whole clan of 20 plus. It was never a problem because our minds were filled with happy thoughts and we were focused to make most out of it because it only happens once a year.

That was my childhood beach memories. All those memories are being repeated now not only constrained with my family but it goes beyond friends and friends of friends. Every summer I go to the beach and even extends it until July up to December.

June 24, 2017

Incredible India: Chronicles, Travel Guide, Itinerary and Budget in Northern India (Kolkata, Varanasi, Jaipur, Mathura, Agra and Ladakh)

India is a vast country located in South Asia. It is called a sub-continent because of its size and geography. India bordered by China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan. On its west is the Arabian Sea while on its east is the Bay of Bengal. On its south is the vast Indian Ocean. It is impossible to travel around India if you are limited to 15-days annual leave – like what we have here in the Philippines. Unless you resign and decided to be a full-time nomad, there you can travel the whole country continuously. For us who has limited vacation leave, efficient planning must be undertaken to utilize the stay in India.

Why India
We started conceptualizing the trip a year before the actual trip. We decided to do it on winter. We heard stories of delayed flight and train schedule due to the weather (but I think Indian trains are always late regardless of season) and the Taj Mahal will not visible. Still we choose the tail end of the winder in time for my birthday and the Holi Festival. Forget about the dirty streets and mob of people begging on the streets, its the culture,the people, the ancient wonders that made us decide to tick off India.  

June 17, 2017

Quezon Province: Alibijaban Brought Happiness to Our Summer Plus Travel Guide

Finally, we boarded the 15-capacity boat off to the island called Alibijaban. After almost 12 hours of land travel from Quezon City to San Andres, Quezon Province we saw the turquoise-clear water, white and almost power-fine sand of Alibijaban Island. It wasn’t an expectation versus reality moment when my foot first touched the warm water of the shore. It was really it! There were people enjoying the beach but not too much to fail our weekend escape. Alibijaban Island is great escape to those who are willing to enjoy the long journey down to the island.

The Van we rented left Cubao at exactly 1AM just like we all planned. When we organize events like this, my last thought would be, if the group would click at first impression – impressions do not really last but it is an important factor to determine the color of the group. As much as possible, we invite happy souls and positive folks to join the event. In Filipino “Walang drama dapat at walang attitude” Gladly our group was loaded with people like that.

The journey was longer than I expected. The 8 hours Google Map forecast became 9 then 10, 11 then finally 12 hours. Add the weather then that makes me felt anxious. Weather reports said that it will be a bed-weather for Metro Manila and its nearby provinces. Weather agency images shows that there were no dark clouds in the southern part of Quezon Province and it gave me relief. But the heaven shows otherwise. Tick clouds appeared when we exit Lucban and heavy rain fell when we reached Lucena City. San Andres though is still 4 hours from Lucena. A positive attitude was my shield towards the weather.

At 11AM, we met our guide Ronnel outside the Port of San Andres in his yellow shirt and all smiled face. We immediately went to the market to buy things that we need in the island. We commissioned his mother to cook for us for our entire stay. Ronnel and his entire family, unexpectedly assisted us in all that we need in the Island. I owe them so much because in my opinion we had a great feast in the island.