May 26, 2016

Remembering the Bataan Death March at Capas National Shrine

"This memorial is dedicated to the brave men and women who defied the might of the invaders at Bataan, Corregidor and other parts of the Philippines during World War II. Thousands died in battle, during the Death March, and while in captivity. Thousands more endured inhuman conditions at the prison camp in Capas, Tarlac. They suffered in the night so that their countrymen would wake to the dawn of freedom."

We read them on books we see them in TV re-enacted many times, they are the fallen heroes of Bataan Death March. Thousand men of mostly Filipinos died during WWII when the Japanese Empire invaded the Philippines. 35,000 men walked under the heat of the sun from Bataan to Capas Tarlac.

May 23, 2016

Weekend Beach Camping in Tingloy Island

Summer is not complete without a beach get away bonding with my friends and new friends. This time our feet brought us to Masasa Beach in Tingloy Island in the Province of Batangas. This island, though far from what I have expected gave us a story for our summer. A beach experience in Masasa that is far and new from the previous summer I ever had. It is correct, every summer has a story - our story of friendship and adventure in Masasa Beach in Tingloy Island has that special spot in my heart.   

Locals in Tingloy Port

April 26, 2016

Bicol's Gem: Caramoan Group of Island

Ten years ago Caramoan was just a dream. When the dream becomes a reality it seems like I have entered a paradise in a far away land. The moment I stepped onto my first island in Caramoan, I was ready to forget Manila, everything was so alluring and mesmerizing. No wonder many seasons of Survivor shows all over the world were shot here and even up to now.

Caramoan is a first class municipality in the Bicol Region with less than 50,000 inhabitants. It has more or less 70 kilometers of irregular coastline surrounded by vast ocean – Philippine Sea of the Pacific Ocean on the North. Aside from its numerous islets it has 10 major island municipality open to public.

April 19, 2016

The Aetas of Mount Pinatubo and The Trip That Almost Did Not Happen

Two weeks before the climb I was informed by my contact in Capas that the local government of Botolan, Zambales is charging each climbers an additional Php700.00. I was worried that those who confirmed would back out because of the sharp increase in total fees. And yes one by one they backed out. But I was determined to continue the climb even if it means commuting so long as we reached 5 to share the cost of the 4x4. In the end we reached 10 just enough to rent a van ;)

Mt. Pinatubo is one of the most expensive mountain to climb but I do not regret spending money to see how massive destruction can be so beautiful and jaw dropping.

We arrived just enough to escape the sun’s wrath for a while. We rode the 4x4 for one and a half hours under the comfort of the clouds and the thrilling slope of the lahar. The 4x4 itself is an attraction because of the adrenaline it produces whenever it gets bumpy and wild. It is like an Amusement Park ride actually.

April 12, 2016

Bolinao: Treasure of Pangasinan

Bolinao is one of the treasures of Pangasinan. Six hours away from Manila by bus, you can experience the golden-brown beach and nice tender waves of Patar Beach. Patar beach is public beach 30 minutes away from the town proper of Bolinao.

Saint James the Greatest Parish and the Heritage Town of Bolinao
Before you hit the beach, you may opt to explore the town of Bolinao first. Visiting the 400 years old St. James the Greatest Parish in front of the red-bricked town hall of Bolinao may set the tone of your weekend in the beach. The old church is made up of black coral stones and was built by the Agustinians in 1609. The church and the town of Bolinao are featured at the Legoland Malaysia Resort.


April 04, 2016

The Heart of the Filipino Shining Through

My very first airplane ride was with Philippine Airline when I went to Cebu and Bohol in 2011 – yeah that was five years ago and I was not writing my travels yet back then. I only started writing in 2012. Although now I am not a frequent passenger of the Asia’s first airline – Philippine Airline – and I admit that, I always wanted to travel with PAL.  My limited budget would always lead me to budget airlines. Whenever I book for a ticket during promo season or not, I would always have another tab on my screen to compare the price of PAL and the budget airlines. There might be a PAL promo ;)

It’s always a proud moment whenever you are riding the Philippines’ flag carrier within or outside of the country. Isn’t nice to wear the flag? If only PAL could compete the prices of the low cost carrier, I would always book for PAL. But I guess it will not because PAL is not a budget carrier. And that is okay because it’s the Philippines Airline, yes without 's'. You would not want your flag to be cheap ;) It’s better that way.

I like what PAL Chairman Dr. Lucio Tan shared that  “As the national carrier flying the flag of the Republic, PAL occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of Filipinos around the world. But beyond its iconic status, PAL is one of the true pillars of the Philippine economy,”

March 28, 2016

The Journey in Dasol

Dasol is in the boundary of Pangasinan and Zambales. In fact the town is formerly part of the latter province until it finally became part of Pangasinan Province. We wanted to go because it was summer and we want to swim in the salt waters of Pangasinan. We did beach bumming then later on Island hopping in Colibra Island and Crocodile Island. Salt farming is a bonus experience. But before that we need to drop by Calasiao and Lingayen to but Puto Calasiao and Bangus for our tummies respectively. 

We hired a van for the trip and we depart early in the morning of May 1, labor day. I mean early like 2AM. We arrived late, as expected, in Lingayen at around 6AM due to heavy traffic in NLEX maybe because of the holiday rush. Its not only us who wanted to hit the beach... I should have known.

March 11, 2016

C2 For a Cool and Clean Summer Like No Other

I was awaken by hot weather. I went to the kitchen to look for a cold and refreshing drink but found none... tsk tsk tsk

But the heaven and earth heared my plea... somebody knocked and gave me a C2 Cool and Clean!!! 

The hot season is about to get cooler with C2 Cool and Clean’s refreshing offerings. Relax, recharge and listen to summer beats in the C2 Summer booths in Boracay and Baler on March 24 to 27 and April 28 to May 1; and Baguio on March 24 to 27.

With every purchase of an ice-cold C2 bottle or any of the limited edition C2 premium item bundle packs, one can relax in the C2 lounge, and enjoy free WiFi access and mobile phone charging.

Vacationers at Boracay can win tickets to water activities in C2’s mini raffle draws. While, free surfing lessons await lucky raffle winners in Baler.

Guests at the C2 booths can also avail of the refreshing goodness of a C2 Slush that comes in limited edition C2 tumblers. They can take a break from the summer heat with this ice blended C2 beverage, available in Red Tea and Apple flavors.

Drop by with your friends at the C2 Cool and Clean booths at Boracay, Baler and Baguio. Add C2 to your summer for a cool and refreshing experience like no other. Get updates from the brand by liking its Facebook page at

Have a cool and clean summer like no other with the refreshing goodness of C2. Level up the fun by visiting the C2 Summer booths at Boracay, Baler and Baguio.

March 08, 2016

Minalungao National Park

The other side of my roots is from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. When I was a child we frequented this province to visit my relatives. It was a long time ago and my memories of this province had faded away. When I heard about Minalungao National Park I felt that all the memories came back thus my longing to visit my long lost relatives in Cabanatuan and the park as well.

March 04, 2016

Town Hopping: Mangaldan, Pangasinan

One summer morning I was doing a joy ride in Pangasinan. From Dagupan, I was planning to visit Manaog Shrine - a famous pilgrim stop to those who are planning to go to Baguio or up North. On my way, I saw Mangaldan Church and I quickly jumped off my feet and explored this town.

Parish of St. Thomas Aquinas