February 17, 2019

Casa Primera, the new Pansol Experience

Casa Primera is redefining the Pansol experience for the family, barkada (set of friends) and even company outings and team buildings. The five-star Pansol based resort is breaking boundaries when it comes to the overnight outing with its superb amenities, world-class security, top-notch facilities and astounding architecture that can level the best in Laguna if not the Philippines. 

February 09, 2019

Bambike Ecotours | A New Way to See Manila

Biking is becoming my favorite to do whenever I travel. Some of the places I did a biking tour were in Bagan, Burma and just recently, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It gives me joy that here in in the Philippines, we already have a biking tour inside the walled city of Intramuros. Bambike Ecotours is a different way to experience Intramuros because the tour will not only tell you trivia and history of the Philippines but also, you are participating in a social enterprise that promotes the People, the Planet and Progress. 

February 07, 2019

CEBU | Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Cebu is home of the first Filipino hero, Raja Lapu-Lapu. He and his men fought for their land against Spanish invaders in what we call Battle of Mactan. Today, we memorialize that historic event through erecting a 20-foot bronze statue of the Raja.

February 03, 2019

The Birds of Alabang

Never thought that waiting for a bus could be a bird watching too. We were walking on the Northbound side of the South Super Highway when we saw flock of birds playing in the sky. Some some lining up on the cables singing as if serenading the sky as it comes to pass. 

January 31, 2019

CEBU | Where to Stay in Badian (Kawasan Canyoneering): Aisha's Transient House

Kawasan Falls and Canyoneering is one of the must visit and do when you visit Cebu. Kawasan Falls is popular tourist attraction among local and foreign visitors in Cebu. Even without its canyoneering activity the waterfalls itself is a good reason to visit. For some Kawasan Falls is a must destination after they swim with sardines or after their diving activity in another popular destination in Cebu - Moalboal.

January 27, 2019

CAVITE | St. John Nepomucene Parish Church

While looking for a venue for our wedding, we came across this church in Alfonso, Cavite. We won’t have a Catholic wedding but still, my love for old churches will forever be there.

January 21, 2019

Chiang Mai - Life, Love, Friends and Travel Tips

Six years ago when I visited Bangkok during my Indochina Trip, I saw a T-shirt in Chatuchak Market with an emoji equivalent for Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pai. Bangkok was a frown, Chiang Mai was a smiley and Pai has a bigger smile. That T-shirt was like telling me that it’s a big mistake I am in Bangkok and that I should head to either Chiang Mai or Pai. Fast forward today, I found that T-shirt emoji to be true. So much true!
One of the temples inside Wat Chedi Luang Complex
I wasn’t expecting a grand vacation in Chiang Mai. All I wanted was to discover whats in this old city, experience its culture, meet new people, eat food, eat more food, eat much more food then rest the night with a bottle of beer or tea. Basically, just to relax and unwind. Aside from the fact that I will do something life-changing in Chiang Rai, a city 3 hours away from Chiang Mai, all I want to do was to just make the most out of my vacation.

Located in the mountainous north of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a major tourist hub in Asia. 700 kilometers away from Bangkok, tourist and backpackers all over the world found themselves in either 12 hours comfy train ride or in a 9 hours bus ride. Some choose to fly to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. We choose the first and we never regretted the decision. Thailand has a pretty comfortable train system that cost slightly higher than buses but still, I would say that it is affordable. You may want to visit Thailand State Railway website to book your ticket.