February 19, 2020

Best Places in Singapore that Travel Bloggers Might Not Tell You

Chances are you either went to Singapore enjoying the most famous attraction or is in the process of building your itinerary for your next Southeast Asian Trip. Here’s the thing, the City of the Merlion can be too expensive or budget-friendly depending on where you will go and how you will spend your money. 
Let me enumerate the places where I did spend a single SGD for entrance fees just to see the best of Singapore. 
First on my list is the newest attraction in Singapore that cost SGD1.7Billion. All tourist today talks about the Jewel Changi and its Rain Vortex. I myself was a victim of this craze. I had to check JetStar cheap flight deals to Singapore from Manila just to see this another manmade forest and a mall in one. 

February 09, 2020

PALAWAN | Coron Travel Guide, Budget and Itinerary

Coron is one of the most famous destinations in the Philippines. Coron is an easy pick for families, couples and vacationers simply because of its beauty. Pristine beaches, magnificent lagoons, towering rock formations, rich coral gardens, and diverse wildlife are the things you will encounter and experience when you visit Coron.

Coron is located in Northern Palawan and is part of Calamianes Group of Island. Coron as a destination can be divided into major islands namely Busuanga where Coron town and the airport are located, Coron Island where Kayangan Lake is located and Culion Island which was a former leprosarium and where an old church can be visited. Another major Island that is now gaining popularity because of the Safari is Calauit Island which is located in the Northwest of Busuanga Island. Other Islands which are commonly part of Island hopping tour packages are Banana Island and Malcapuya Island - these islands has world-class beaches. 

January 26, 2020

Langkawi, the Spontaneous Trip

Langkawi is situated in the Northwest part of Peninsula Malaysia. It sits on the border of Thailand and Malaysia. I do not know this fact until our boatman in one of the tours asked if we have our passport with us and if we do he might drop us in Thailand. Later on, my friend who is based in Penang got a text welcoming him to Thailand.  

Pantai Cenang Beach
This trip in Langkawi was the most expensive spontaneous trip I had. Thanks to the credit card, I had more flexible terms to pay for everything. As of this time, everything has been paid off. Thank God! But I have no regrets doing this expensive spontaneous trip. In fact, Langkawi made my Malay trip complete. I have a lot of stories and memories, some are not meant to be shared, stored in my memory bank that I doubt will be deleted, not in my lifetime or maybe even afterlife.

November 10, 2019

Tinipak River, Mt. Daraitan

Tinipak River, its surrounding community of the Dumagat Tribe and the livelihood of the locals are in danger to be submerged in the name of national development. The Philippine government aided by the Chinese funding is planning to build a dam to supply water in Metro Manila which has more or less 17 Million people.

September 29, 2019

Places to Visit in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand is one of the largest city with a lot of tourist attraction. It is 3 hours away from Chiang Mai and 14 hours from Bangkok. It is known for various temples, with different colors, and other tourist attractions. A day tour is enough to visit the top spots in Chiang Rai. Here are the sites you can visit during your day tour in Chiang Rai.

The White Temple or Wat Rong Khun - 
Contemporary Buddhist temple drawing massive crowds with its unique and intricate white exterior. This temple was built in 1998. Its white exterior is enough to draw your attention and be mesmerized by the structure. Looking closer, its intricate details will tell you that the temple is not just a temple but also a massive works of art.

For Best Diving and Snorkeling Spots in Philippines

The Philippines is located in Indo-Pacific's Coral Triangle and comprises of more than 7000 islands. With so many islands to explore, the Philippines indeed boasts of the most beautiful marine life. There are several UNESCO World Heritage sites that are popular among divers and snorkelers who come here to explore the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific. The spectacular reefs of South East Asia is teeming with marine life such as rare critters, manta rays, rare critters, whale sharks, and even more. Browse cheapest flights to the Philippines and explore those amazing spots for diving and snorkeling.

It is no wonder to see the Philippines boast of some of the most beautiful spots for diving and snorkeling. Take advantage of being in the Philippines, which is noted for its wealthy and diverse marine life. Make avail of the cheap Philippine airlines promo to reach these spots. Here are some of the most popular spots where you can dive in those warm waters and create some of the best memories of your life.

March 28, 2019

PALAWAN | Linapacan Island Escapades with Northern Hope Tours

Striking powdery beaches, long and unique sandbars, magnificent island views, and turquoise water - it does make sense when they say that Linapacan has the CLEAREST WATER IN THE WORLD!*  

When our boat docked in Pikal Island, our first destination, our guide Elfer apologized to us: 

“Ma’am, Sir pasyensya na po kayo medyo malabo yung tubig”